The ‘Breakfast’ part of Bed and Breakfast

Today I want to tell you about the ‘Breakfast’ part of the B & B equation that equals Sunlover Retreat.  It is a key part of our Sunlover story and something which means a lot to me to share with my guests.  I see the pleasure they get from the food and the time spent over breakfast and I know I am offering something satisfying and special.

 First of all, my focus is a homemade kiwi breakfast.  We are not a cafe or restaurant, nor do we pretend to be.  What we offer is a hearty and delicious homestyle breakfast. Our focus is on offering the best quality locally sourced and home-prepared food and ingredients to our guests.  Every guest I have recognises the quality of New Zealand food sourced locally.

I use produce from our vegie garden and fruit trees whenever we can.  The eggs are provided by our free-range chooks.  I make my own marmalade when grapefruit are in season. I make my own organic yoghurt and homemade toasted muesli sweetened with a splash of orange juice and a drizzle of honey.  I also always include iconic kiwi foods such as New Zealand black doris plums and vegemite and marmite.  Oh, and always, always, butter!

 Our Sunlover Stack is my cooked breakfast specialty. This breakfast is entirely gluten free so will suit most tastes, diets and appetites.

Here it is:

Homemade Kumara rosti with cumin and herbs

Free-range smoked bacon from Tairua Butchery

Fresh-picked spinach and chard out of the garden

Free-range baked eggs (courtesy of the chooks)

A slow-roasted tomato

The Sunlover Stack is served on a heated plate so the eggs sit nice and warm on the greens and everything is fragrant and delicious.

 All guests receive their own loaf of flowerpot bread baked fresh every morning and still warm from the oven. I get up two hours before my guests to prove the bread, then take our dog Rover for a walk while the bread is proving.  I love making the bread because it is a process that requires time and effort. As I knead the dough, I put all my love and care into it in the hope that translates into the taste of the bread.  My intention is for you to receive the home-baked bread as a message of love and care from me to you. 

 Good things take time, and the Sunlover breakfast is definitely one of those good things.

When else might guests get the opportunity to linger over breakfast, chatting with locals? At the breakfast table, our guests are part of the family. I’m in the kitchen cooking and chatting with them while they’re eating their cereal and enjoying the view.  It is very relaxed, and there is always a plunger of Coffee Lala’s amazing locally-roasted coffee to top up a cup.  There is time to talk, time to swap stories and share what we know about the Coromandel.  It’s a leisurely affair, laughter’s always in the air and it is an experience our guests will remember.