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  • Five Reasons for an Autumn Getaway in Tairua Sunday April 2017 by

    The Coromandel will always be a popular summer hotspot, but have you ever experienced an Autumn getaway in Tairua?  It’s like taking the best the Coromandel offers in the summer and leaving the challenges of the high season behind. No need to worry about sunburn, queues and crowded beaches in April and May.  The weather is mild, the locals are lovely and the area is all yours to enjoy.  Here are five reasons why we can highly recommend an Autumn getaway in Tairua.

    A Good Night’s SleepSoak in the bath and relax in the Estuary Suite

    A good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated when it comes to improving your quality of life.  Daylight saving’s ending is a welcome change.  Most people are happy to put their clocks back an hour and call it a day as darkness descends.  In doing so, we don’t rush around trying to fit too many activities into the day.  Autumn is the time for moving at a cruising pace and pressing pause on frenetic daily activities.  Cooler nights make it so much easier to get a good night’s sleep…and to wake up with an appetite for a hearty cooked breakfast!

    Less Crowded

    Cathedral Cove Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove are heavily populated with visitors during the summer months, which means sharing these natural wonders with hoards of people, searching in vain for a carpark, lining up for hours for icecream.  The idea of a simple day trip, a pleasant walk and an afternoon icecream can be quite different to the reality in the height of summer.  That busyness has not extended to Autumn yet.  In April and May, your trip to Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove can be the experience of your dreams, where you can truly soak up the wonder and beauty of these stunning Coromandel hotspots, without compromising your stress levels by having to deal with crowds.  The roads are much quieter too, which makes them safer, more enjoyable to drive and easier to get to where you want to go.


    The WaterTairua-Beach-North-End

    Too chilly to swim in April?  Not at all!  Last summer, the sea temperature was still cold in the summer, with constant wind whipping the water into a freezing frenzy – not an entirely pleasant experience for relaxing on the beach.  With the onset of Autumn, the water has calmed and the wind has dropped.  There is plenty of fun still to be had swimming in the estuary and playing in the surf.  And yes, while we’re on the subject of water, we do get some rain during the Autumn. But we get it in the Spring, Summer and Winter too these days.  At least in the Autumn, the odd rainy day is expected. We think of it as a good opportunity to hunker down and relax.

    The Nature

    Paku-for-WebAutumn is, quite simply, stunning.  The views of the Coromandel ranges are crisper; somehow more prominent.  The light is softer than summer.  It falls upon the landscape in the most breathtaking way.  Autumn sunrises over Tairua harbour are a spectacle well worth getting up early for – they do not disappoint.  The mild climate during Autumn makes outdoor hiking expeditions a comfortable, pleasurable experience.  No worries about suffering heat exhaustion and swiping away sandflies on your journeys in the Autumn!  It is an ideal time to explore the many trails through native forest, isolated beaches and stunning summits around Tairua and the Coromandel.  It is such an enjoyable experience, there is an entire festival devoted to walking around the Coromandel and surrounding areas at this time of year.  Check out the Echo Walking Festival here.

    The Local Experience

    Your hosts - Chris, Donna and Rover

    Your hosts – Chris, Donna and Rover

    Come to Tairua in the Autumn and you’ll receive the most authentic local hospitality.  The seasonal hospitality workers who help cope with the population influx in the summer have all left, leaving business owners and core local staff to manage their own operations in a very hands-on way.  You receive local expertise, local knowledge and local hospitality.  Look around any of the restaurants and cafes in the autumn and you will see locals; something you don’t see in the summer.  When you go for a walk along the water, locals will smile and say hello as they wander past.  Line up with locals in the supermarket and listen to snippets of their conversation.  The locals are definitely friendlier and more relaxed in the Autumn.  It’s a great time to make friends with the community and learn what life is really like in the Coromandel.



    1. See an early morning sunrise from Pepe Bridge
    2. Enjoy coffee and the weekend newspaper at The Pepe cafe.
    3. Check out Hatched Exhibition at The Little Gallery
    4. Browse the produce and handcraft stalls at Tairua market (first Saturday of the month at Tairua Hall)
    5. Walk from Sailors Grave to Otara Bay – a beach all to yourself
    6. Tiki Tour to the lesser known beaches of Mercury Bay; Flaxmill Bay, Lonely Bay, Cooks Beach
    7. Go shopping for gifts & homewares at The Shop on Main Road.
    8. Try authentic wood-fired pizzas in the sheltered courtyard at Manaia
    9. Sign up for an event during the Echo walking festival
    10. Sit out under the stars on a still night and listen to the sound of the sea.

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