Intimacy is of the Utmost Importance

Intimacy is of utmost importance to Donna Brooke of Sunlover Retreat, who also adds marriage celebrant to her skill set. Should you wish, your romantic escape at Sunlover Retreat could be preceded by a small, stunning wedding ceremony.

Freeing you from the stress of a large, event-style gathering, Donna is an advocate of intimate occasions that highlight the importance of the occasion – your love for each other.

Here are five reasons Donna encourages brides to consider an intimate celebration: 

1. “When creating an intimate wedding, by its very nature, you have fewer people, creating more intimacy between you and your loved one. As a celebrant, I find that I am talking directly to the couple instead of including the audience. It is very special and romantic.”

2. “An intimate wedding allows you to think of a destination that suits you, without feeling the pressure to take into account how people are going to get there, where will they stay, how will they manage walking to this perfect spot you have found on a beach… You might choose a destination in the off-season and save money.”

3. “On the subject of money, fewer guests mean less expense – well, at least, less expense spent on others. It allows you to create a beautiful, elegant wedding just the way you want it. You can decide what is important to you and your loved one.”

4. “An intimate wedding reduces planning stress. From trying to please others, managing seating with relatives that have fallen out, friends and family wanting to bring kids … And there are certainly couples I have married that simply don’t want to be in the spotlight.”

5. “Your wedding should signify you and your love story. It’s about your life, your relationship, and what matters most to the two of you. An intimate wedding keeps the focus on where it should be ­– a beautiful love story of two fabulous people who have found each other and want to do life together.”