What Type Of Holidaymaker Are You?

Sunlover Retreat’s Seasonal Holiday Guide for Introverts and Extroverts

As the high season approaches, it occurs to me holidaymakers fall into two distinct categories. There are those who love noise and busyness, who like to visit places filled with people and enjoy the hustle and bustle of high-energy activity. These are your extroverted holidaymakers. Then there are those who love silence, peace and quiet. They become overwhelmed by populated places and seek retreat, nature and solitude to relax and rejuvenate during their

At Sunlover Retreat we get both types. Guests who visit Sunlover Retreat always enjoy the serenity and privacy of our location. Many guests come from cities, often from more populated places than Tairua at its most populated holiday peak. Many visitors come to Sunlover Retreat for the tranquility, the nature and a taste of the unpeopled piece of paradise we call home. For some guests, silence is an unfamiliar experience and something they adjust to with time.

The seasons of Sunlover are different and the reasons people visit are varied too. What I’ve learnt, is your experience will be influenced by whether you’re an extrovert or introvert. What might you need from your vacation? An action-packed adventure or an anonymous place to retreat? I’ve compiled some suggestions below for how to make the most of your visit to The Coromandel and your Sunlover Retreat stay, depending on how you prefer to have a holiday.

Sunlover in the Spring

For Introverts
Do you find silence golden or ghostly? If you find it golden, coming to Sunlover Retreat in the Spring will be exactly what you need. Sunlover in the Spring is a truly magical time. If you’re an early riser you will witness the magnificent view of the sunrise over the sea from your doorstep each day. The air is mild, the light soft and the days untroubled by traffic or queues. You are free to spend your days exploring the beautiful beaches and your nights relaxing on the deck
overlooking a stunning view and a sleepy town.

For Extroverts
Do you love to people-watch? Being part of the positive energy of a crowd in a beautiful environment provides memories that last a lifetime. The Whitianga Scallop Festival is a true celebration of all things Coromandel, held annually in the Spring. There is live music, cooking demonstrations, happy crowds and bustling stalls. People come from cities and towns all over New Zealand to attend this iconic event. It adds an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement to all the Coromandel towns as crowds flock to take part. Tairua is a popular stopping place enroute to the festival, so is lively and filled with visitors during Scallop Festival Weekend.

Sunlover in the Summer

For Introverts
There are few places in the world that offer space, peace and a breath of fresh air at the height of summer. Our wrap-around decks mean there is always somewhere to retreat to; be it the outdoor bath on a balmy summer night, or the cool western wing with remarkable views of the sun setting over the magnificent Coromandel ranges. As long-term locals, we know the Coromandel very well, including several nearby secret beaches where the crowds don’t descend. We won’t spill the beans now, but stay at Sunlover in the summer and we’ll be sure to share our secrets.

For Extroverts
Tairua in the summer is the most glorious playground for young and old. Plant yourself on the deck high above the Tairua estuary and watch all the action on the water below. You’ll see kayakers, paddleboarders, swimmers and picnickers all having a blast; it’s a real summer delight to witness. Or get amongst it! We are only a few minutes walk down the stairs to the Pepe Reserve. You can hire yourself a kayak or paddle board and explore the perimeter of the
estuary, or wander into town and experience New Zealanders in true holiday mode. Music beams out from cafes, tables spill out onto the sidewalk and everyone is relaxed and happy. The annual Tairua School Food & Wine Festival is a huge event filled with delicious food and beverage stalls, live music and a plethora of craft stalls. The height of activity at the peak of summer.

Sunlover in the Autumn

For Introverts
The Coromandel is world-reknown for its beaches, but we think the subtropical rainforest that covers most of the Coromandel is equally spectacular. The cooler temperatures in Tairua during April and May are the perfect climate for discovering the trails nearby, many containing historic mineshafts, tunnels and relics from the area’s mining heritage.  At Sunlover Retreat, guests always say they have the best night’s sleep at this time of year. We are very proud of our super comfortable beds, with luxurious linens, cool temperatures and vast views when you awake. As we are well aware, there is nothing more pleasing than a good night’s sleep!

For Extroverts
The unique experience of digging a hole in the sand and soaking in it alongside hundreds of other people at Hot Water Beach is guaranteed to delight extroverted people. Hot Water Beach in the Autumn is ideal, because the weather is cool enough to appreciate the toasty warmth of soaking in a bubbling spa…but not so cool you won’t want to jump into the sea to cool down when you get too hot. Hot Water Beach is a popular tourist spot all year around High-tide sees people from all over the world flocking to experience this natural wonder. It is always a lively
community atmosphere, with plenty of good humour to be experienced whilst sharing this natural wonder.

Sunlover in the Winter

For Introverts
There is no place cosier or comfier than snuggled up by the roaring fire in the living room at Sunlover Retreat. Warm red couches, rich red wine, homemade anzac biscuits and a library of books, music and dvds at your fingertips; you have everything you need for a complete getaway without even leaving your accommodation. The Danish concept of Hygge (celebrating all things cosy, charming and special) can easily be found at Sunlover Retreat in the winter. It’s the perfect time and place to slow down, sleep in, enjoy a delicious hearty breakfast cooked for you when you wake at your leisure.

For Extroverts
The Coromandel has many fantastic year-round activities and attractions – and because it never gets below freezing around these parts, winter is still an extremely enjoyable time to visit. Some spots are particularly wonderful in winter – many would argue, even better than in summer. Only 20 minutes drive from Sunlover Retreat; Cathedral Cove Walkway is a must-do on anyone’s Coromandel agenda. During winter there is no issue with carparking, yet you will still enjoy sharing the walkway with plenty of people and listening to many different languages being spoken along the way. Cathedral Cove beach is every bit as spectacular as expected; and the lively hoardes of people enjoying it just seem to enhance the whole experience. A trip to The Lost Spring (45 minutes drive from Sunlover Retreat) is another popular place in winter where you can enjoy a luxurious soak in a beautiful setting. You can even order a poolside cocktail or something delicious from the menu.

Whatever the season, whatever your reason for visiting, we aim to meet your needs for a fulfilling vacation. Whether that means recommending a fantastic local restaurant with live music, or sending you off to discover secret solitary beaches, our job as hosts is to help you to have the holiday experience of your dreams. Happy holidays!