Would you travel with your sibling?

Siblings. You know them better than anybody else. You’ve lived with them, laughed with them, cried with them and probably fought with them too.  They are your most formative relationship and they know you, warts and all.  For some siblings, their adult relationship has become a deep and lasting friendship.  The best thing about brothers and sisters is their familiarity and a shared history.  With that in mind, would you travel with your sibling?

Travel is often fraught with emotional tests.  Directions, decisions, sudden changes of plan – just to name a few.  These can test even the best of friendships.  With siblings, you are instinctively aware how your brother or sister reacts to stress.  You already know how your sibling behaves when they get tired, when they get grumpy, when they are challenged by change or circumstance.  There are few, if any, uncomfortable surprises.

Siblings make great travel companions, because they know you and accept you for who you are.  You have a shared history to connect and attach the memories and experiences of your present with the past.  Chances are, your values will be similar too.

Recently at Sunlover, we hosted two sisters.  They’d been visiting New Zealand from abroad and clearly enjoyed the easy companionship of traveling together.  Hosting them was a real pleasure.  There is a unique dynamic present in the sibling relationship.  It doesn’t exist among friends, partners or parents and adult children. It reminded me how special the sibling relationship is and how important it is to continue doing things together.

My friend Lucy plans a holiday every year with her sister.  Her sister determines the location and Lucy determines the time of year.  They put money into a shared ‘holiday bank account’ each month. Lucy says it ensures her and her sister will see each other and share quality time at least once a year.  And much as they love getting together with their own families; this holiday is just about them.  They have lots in common and spend the holiday doing the things they both enjoy.  They also try new things together; challenging each other to extend their comfort zones.

“Planning and looking forward to the trip with my sister is almost as fun as the trip itself,” says Lucy.  “Preparing and anticipating where we are going gives us a reason to speak on the phone and get involved in a shared project.  Because we live far away from each other and have really different lives, the trip becomes a real point of connection between us.”

If you were to consider traveling with your sibling, here are some tips to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Communicate clearly and honestly right from the start.
  2. Express your expectations. What do you want to get out of the trip? A relaxing getaway?  An action-packed adventure? Is budget an issue?  Is it an extravagant, no-expense-spared trip of a lifetime? Are you on the same page?  Will both of your needs and expectations be met?
  3. Identify where you’re strong, and where you’re not so. One sibling might be great with directions, the other with research.  Work to each others’ strengths.
  4. Give each other space – you don’t have to do everything together all of the time. It is your individual holiday too.
  5. Be clear about finances. Do you shout, do you share, do you keep things separate?  Sorting this out from the beginning will avoid bigger problems during the holiday.
  6. Choose things you both enjoy doing.
  7. Laugh a lot.
  8. Treasure the experience. You’ll have the memories forever.

All rooms at Sunlover can be Super King or Twin Configuration so you and your sibling can share a room or have your own. Sunlover’s comfy communal lounge is a great place to relax and enjoy the company of your travel companions.  You’ll feel instantly at home!

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